Hackers at Work

  at the nexus of software engineering machine learning and IT security

Who we are

homemade code is a tight knit team of IT veterans. We are hackers in the true sense of the word:

"A person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system and stretching its capabilities" – RFC 1392.

All our consultants are software engineers with decades of experience in the field. We have diverse backgrounds in software engineering, science and information security but share an innate curiosity of the world we live in.

What we do

At homemade code we excel at pushing the boundaries of information technology to solve hard problems for our customers. We thrive in unconventional settings where processes need to be designed instead of followed.

Our goal is to make a difference for our customers: Be it through enabling artificial intelligence to support the core mission or through ensuring the security of global systems.

Our clients include the some of the world’s most successful organisations from many different sectors. Some of the worlds largest financial, software, defense and industrial corporations rely on the services provided by homemade code.

To discuss a project, contact us.

Our Services

Engineering the Digital Journey

Bei homemade code sind wir bestrebt, schwierige Probleme für unsere Kunden mit einer offenen, herstellerunabhängigen Denkweise zu lösen.

homemade code arbeitet an der Schnittstelle von Informationstechnologie und maschinellem Lernen, so dass unsere Kunden in ihren geschäftskritischen Themenbereichen stufenweise wechselnde Ergebnisse erzielen können.

Unsere Ingenieure sind die Schnittstelle zwischen Fachleuten, Geschäftsinhabern und technischen Interessenvertretern auf allen Ebenen, um die besten Ergebnisse zu erzielen.

Unsere Dienstleistungen umfassen:

IT Security Consulting

Enterprises are facing new risks every day. The application landscape is becoming increasingly complex. More and more systems are connected.We help you to secure your systems. Our experts have strong backgrounds in software engineering in numerous domains. This unique expertise gives you better results and allows us to directly work with your developers in implementing the right solutions. Our services include: