Data Science

The field of Big Data is driven by an overwhelming amount of data available to the enterprise today and a need to use this data in a meaningful way. Turning raw data into information is the the focus of all the work we do.

Our data scientists have a strong business oriented mindset and many years of consulting experience. This allows us to identify the best opportunities for our customers. Data science is fundamentally about 3 important aspects:

  • Picking the right problems
  • Separating signal from noise
  • Finding the best solutions to turn data into actionable insights

We support you in achieving your Big Data goals throughout the complete project life cycle.


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homemade code is you premier partner in providing data analytics consulting. Our experts have decades of experience in software development and are therefore able to rapidly understand the key aspects of your Big Data needs.

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  • Data Analytics Experts with years of experience developing and analyzing commercial software
  • We are able to deep-dive into domain-specific concepts on all levels of the technology stack
  • We interface between business and technology stakeholders to bring out the optimal results

Skills & Technologies

homemade code has worked with the following technologies:

  • Hadoop
  • Hive
  • Pig
  • R
  • machine learning algorithms
  • Solr
  • Oracle BI